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Ode to Marlins Spring Training Baseball: A Poem

There's just something about a fresh start and a brand new season

Ode to Marlins Spring Training Baseball

by Carole Ann Hausman

Today’s 1:05 start

Has a split squad

And you’re hoping the Victor Mesa brothers

Are on the team

You’re seeing today.

All winter--


You’ve counted down the days

And here you are

In Jupiter

Handing cash for parking

To a boomer in a tropical shirt

Who welcomes you with the warmth of a grandparent

Opening the door at Christmas.

You are among the throngs of fans

Who reemerge in the spring

Like cicadas

Crawling toward the light of the ballpark.

You’re there early enough

To get a good spot to watch the pitchers warming up

And you can hear the familiar unmistakable whoosh

Of a fastball slicing through the humidity

Before it smacks the glove… tssssssPOP!

You get a program and a cold beer

And soak in that intoxicating nostalgia

That you are, at long last,

With your people.


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