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Cheers to the Fans: A Poem

Because so much of the good stuff is more than the 9 innings on the field

Cheers to the Fans

by Carole Ann Hausman

Cheers to the fans who know the game starts

Well before the first pitch.

The game starts before

"Oh say can you see..."

Taking in a ballgame

Includes the full experience of watching the grounds crew

Water the infield

And chalk the baselines.

Cheers to the fans who are arriving

While the beer man is callin’

And they’re hoping to get a selfie with Billy the Marlin

As he makes his way into their section.

Cheers to the fans who are with their pals from the sandlot

Trying to get a ball or an autograph

From Miggy Ro.

They have their little league gloves

And they’re wearing their team jerseys

Dreaming that one day they will play

Under this miraculous retractable roof.

Cheers to the fans who have a light lunch

So they can indulge that night

In every ballpark delight

Pizza and pretzels

Arepas and empanadas

Hot dogs and popcorn

And soft serve ice cream in a small souvenir helmet.

Cheers to the fans who do all the claps

When the organ plays “Put me in Coach”

They learn the beer man’s first name

Because they’ll need another cold one by the 4th inning.

They high five everybody in the row behind them

Whenever the Fish score a run.

Cheers to the fans who roll in late

When the home team is hitting

And watch from the Budweiser Bar in the landing

Because they can’t be confined to standard seating


And once they saw a guy out there

Get a homerun ball

Hit by Giancarlo Stanton.

Cheers to the fans with a diaper bag

And a Ziploc of Cheerios

Taking their baby girl to her first Marlins game

In a fresh new Marlins onesie.

One day she will bring her daughter to a game.

Cheers to the fans who just got engaged


On the jumbotron

She said yes and spilled her beer

Everyone cheers.


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