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This story can be verified by a coworker who was present at the time of this phone call with the Florida Marlins home office, in May 2003.

Marlins:  Hi, is this Carole Ann?

CA:  Yes.

Marlins:  Just calling to check in with you to see how you’re enjoying your season tickets.

CA:  Yes, they’re great.

Marlins:  Is there anything that you want?

CA:  Actually, yes, I’d like to coach third base.

Marlins:  Excuse me?

CA:  Well, Ozzie is giving the stop sign a lot at third, and we’re losing some close games, with runners in scoring position.

Marlins:  <<silence>>

CA:  And if I was over there giving the windmill, I think we could win more games.

Marlins:  That’s not really …. Um…

CA:  Well, what do most people ask for?

Marlins:  Bobbleheads.

The Marlins went on to win the World Series that season. 


The coworker who was present for this call is now Carole Ann’s husband.

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